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Event Support

Conference Planning

We offer extensive conference planning support, encompassing venue selection, strategic readiness, cultural appropriateness, seamless management and on-site support.

Event Selection and Planning

Assisting small businesses and trade associations, we identify relevant B2B trade shows and exhibitions, tailor strategic participation plans, and manage the complexities of registration and preparation.

Booth Design
and Setup

We offer insights on design, layout, branding, and help optimize your booth space. From choosing signage to promotional materials, we ensure a lasting impact and attract attendees.

Pre-Show Promotion

We’ll create and implement pre-show marketing strategies to generate buzz, maximize visibility and attract the right audience to your booth.

Networking and Relationship Building

Our guidance empowers you to initiate conversations, build connections, and foster relationships with potential clients, partners, and industry influencers.


Struggling with staff limits? We offer on-site support, managing setup, logistics, training and troubleshooting. This lets your team focus on engaging visitors and boosting sales.

Post-Show Follow Up

Don't let your valuable trade show leads go to waste.
Our expert team can help you nurture post-show follow-up through targeted emails and other effective methods, ensuring you make the most of your connections.

Let's Get Started!

Ready for exceptional success at trade shows and conferences?
Count on our comprehensive array of services to elevate your experience.

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