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What We Do

At GlobalConnect, our aim is to provide the all-in-one solution you need for your international marketing and business development projects. We bridge staffing shortages and in-house skill gaps, offering tailored solutions that align with your specific goals. 


Harness Our Expertise
with Confidence

With a foundation rooted in a passion for international growth and an unwavering commitment to excellence, our founder and consultant, Julie Balzano, brings over 25 years of global experience, counseling small businesses and developing programs for not-for-profit associations. ​


Valuing a win-win approach to building results-driven strategic alliances, Julie has spearheaded global marketing strategies, supported hundreds of businesses in expanding their global footprint, and executed countless B2B trade missions, conferences, and fact-finding missions worldwide. She has managed teams, guided staff, and facilitated capacity development for enduring sustainability. 

Learn more about Julie Balzano,

Headshot photograph of Julie Balzano, the founder of GlobalConnect.

Showcasing Our Proven Strengths

Uncover the core pillars of our success.
These qualities exemplify our expertise and unwavering dedication.

Global Expertise

Across continents, our wealth of experience and connections fuels your business growth, capitalizing on decades of global expertise.

Proven Results

Concrete outcomes validate our expertise, highlighting the efficacy of our actions and solidifying our commitment to delivering measurable results.

Client - Centric

Putting clients first drives our approach. We tailor solutions, ensuring your needs are met, resulting in satisfaction and enduring partnerships.


Innovating for success, we create distinct solutions that leave a lasting impact, setting us apart as industry leaders.

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Complete Your Business Success Puzzle

We stand as your reliable partner, bridging the gaps that your existing team may be unable to tackle or lacking the skills to navigate, regardless of your industry focus.

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